A downloadable game

A Prototype for a Difficult Platformer

Please follow me on Twitter at https://twitter.com/poshindie. I am open to ideas and would gladly add feature requests to projects. I also accept constructive criticism through Twitter. The more followers I have, the more motivated I can be to release future games.

I am looking for input on whether or not people would be interested in a game similar to the prototypes I release. This prototype was made in less than 3 hours to get a general concept out there. Let me know what you think on Twitter!

My prototypes are obviously free (And hopefully fun!).

Controls: ASDW: Movement, Ctrl: Punch, Space: Jump Gamepads ARE supported, but limited at this time. I have only tested with MotionJoy and a Playstation 3 controller set to an XBox control scheme (Convoluted, I know!).

Tip: To get out of prison, punch the door. There are greater plans for escaping the cell, but right now that is all that is implemented.

Credits: This prototype uses modified CC0 art from OpenGameArt.org. The base art utilized was a collaborative work by Sharm, surt, and vk. Web address to the CC0 art is: http://opengameart.org/content/simple-broad-purpos...

Seeking: I am always looking for talented game artists to work with. Reach out to me on Twitter if you are interested in collaborating. We can figure out if our goals align then!

Install instructions

Just run the executable and (hopefully) enjoy!


DemoGame.exe 2 MB